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We specialize in providing advice in all matters concerning the agricultural farming. Our audience include individual farmers, companies and organizations.

Soil Testing & Fertilizer Services

You may have found the right fertilizer for your farm, but without the proper amount of fertilizer for your treatments, your farm will not succeed. The biggest factor in determining your treatment is the size of your farm and the soil nutrient deficiencies. It’s critical to have the right type and amount of fertilizer for your farm.

Drip Kits Installation

Sometimes the first or second irrigation project assembly could be a somehow difficult for inexperienced assemblers. Having installed large number of drip and mini sprinkler systems for the past 9 years, we assist in planning, designing and installing of the right irrigation kits depending with the type of crop.

Training Farmers

Agricultural production systems are a sustainable way of providing nutritious and diversified foods. Capacity building of farmers and extension workers through training on agricultural and nutrition-related topics is one of the ways to improvements in agricultural productivity. We therefore conduct training in agronomic practices and crop diversification and the effect this relationship has on diet diversity.

Crop Nutrition

Yields and quality of products from crops are strongly linked to the supply of nutrients.


Irrigation systems are the most efficient water and nutrient delivery system for growing crops.