Coast Farmcare Agrovet Limited

Coast Farmcare Agrovet ltd was officially registered with the registrar of company in 2010 under the registrar of companies Act. Coast Farmcare Agrovet Ltd is a first class Agrochemicals, Seeds and Veterinary products distributor in the entire coast region of Kenya.

We are a reliable and competitive supplier of a wide range of agricultural inputs and within easy reach as we are strategically located in Mombasa town. We also have branches in other towns like Ukunda, Malindi and Bura Tana.

We understand that every single task we undertake is a challenge with its own problems, but it also offers its own opportunities and progress.

No matter the aspect of the task at hand, Coast Farmcare Agrovet ltd will always go out of its way to establish and maintain the personal touch of confidence and dependability required to maintain close relationships with all customers.

We are a company with personal resources, the capability to communicate with different cultures, the willingness to explore new areas, the breadth of vision to perceive a need and most important of all, the ability to meet that need.

With our continuously expanding scope of operations, we anticipate and are well positioned to meet an ever growing demand for competition, as the developing economies of the area continue to require more diversified products and services with good skills. .

Who we are

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We are a company that is distinct for better and affordable products in Agrochemicals, farm tools and equipment, veterinary products, Fertilisers, Drip irrigation kits and certified seeds. It is our commitment to innovatively come up with not just the products, but solutions to the problems and needs of our esteemed customers both in domestic and corporate segments.

Our Mission

To provide the best quality, affordable & outstanding products. To constantly strive to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations of quality farm inputs while making a lasting impact on the farming community.

Our Vision

To be a first class company distributing quality agrochemicals and other farm inputs in the vast region of coast region and to make Coast Farmcare Agrovet a household name for Agrochemicals, Veterinary Drugs and other Farm inputs.

Our Core Values

Honesty and transparency

Open in our judgments and communications with our Clients and Suppliers.

Courage of conviction

Requiring us to be creative and radical, without fear of failure, in pursuit of the highest possible level of service.


Recognizing that we are a part of a bigger alliance in Agri-inputs world, and requiring our presentation and behavior to be modest.

Initiative and urgency

Continually seek to improve and never be satisfied with anything less than a competitive advantage in Agri-inputs, price, quality, delivery, responsiveness, speed and innovation.


Vigorously seek a full understanding of the capabilities, wants, and needs of the entire chain.

Integrity & teamwork

Build long-term relationships with suppliers and clients based on trust, honesty, and candor.

Operating Service Principles

Maintaining and promoting the highest standards of professionalism

Responding to customers’ needs at the earliest opportunity

Promoting efficient, effective and economic use of resources

Providing effective, impartial, fair and equitable products

Adhering to good corporate governance

Promoting dynamism and innovative practices through continuous improvement of systems and processes